Enabling highly evolved innovation initiatives.

Infuse innovation into your organization's DNA.

Meaningful. Effective.

Our aim is to encourage innovative trailblazers to integrate experience design thinking & practices into their service environment.


We believe that enabling human-centred design thinking is an emerging driver of innovation – and the key to inspiring & onboarding the next wave of innovators.

United by our Values

Context is King

When you’re firmly anchored in your Whys, then What, How, When & Where flow naturally & effectively.

Maximum Impact

We understand the realities of the nonprofit sector. So we don’t try to impose order on chaos – we just get them to play well together!


Head & Heart​

We think like business people…. and feel with pretty big hearts.



Sweat the Small Stuff

Little things make a big difference. Paying attention to details and going the extra mile demonstrate our commitment to being our best.

Hope is Not a Strategy

Hope is a wonderful, necessary, invaluable thing. But a solid foundation for an operational model? Not so much…

Potential Never Expires​

Regardless of how things are or how they’ve always been, possibilities are always within your reach.

Our Team

Paul Alexander Joo

founder & experience designer

At your service is over 25 years’ experience as an advisor, trainer & consultant specializing in growth strategies, service & process design and customer engagement.


My approach is both analytical & intuitive, integrating Eastern & Western perspectives as well as consulting & coaching strategies. All delivered with a focused and energetic innovation mindset. 


Operating from a human-centred systems perspective fuelled by a lifelong passion for human potential, my mission is simple: to help you transcend the conventional – and get the most out of the experience.

Miin J. Lim

Service Designer

I bring deep curiosity and the expertise of over two decades of experience working across diverse ecosystems & contexts as a service designer, project manager and facilitator.


Recognizing the potential of service design’s impact from end-to-end and surface-to-core, I help create experiences that drive the delivery of engaging & sustainable services.


I’m a firm believer in building a better world through the creativity of human-centred innovation.
We founded EVO to make human-centred innovation more accessible and more practical, regardless of environment or familiarity with experience design.
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